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Justin Tantog

Team Fish And Dive Owner

Justin Tantog

Aloha guys! We may have already met through our many YouTube videos at "Fish And Dive Hawaii". But if we're meeting for the first time, my name is Justin and I am the owner here at Team Fish And Dive Hawaii. I've been an avid diver and fisherman for the last 8 years, and I've dedicated this business to showcasing the fish and dive lifestyle as well as helping others learn how to do it. When I got started it was very difficult for me to learn because there aren't too many resources out there, and not too many people that want to teach these things. Our brand is all about helping others cut down those learning barriers, and provide as much help as possible to achieve your fishing and spearfishing goals!

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We only allow a certain number of students per quarter to give you the best experience.

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Who Is This Course For, And What To Expect...

This course is designed for absolute beginners, all the way to intermediate level divers. This course will be teaching you how to use a pole-spear ONLY! We are strong believers that it is safer to begin spearfishing with just a "3-prong" for reasons we will cover in the course. A more advanced speargun class will be available at a later date. This course is also not designed for scuba diving. Here in Hawaii most spearos strictly freedive. To learn more about freediving safety, we will provide a list of freediving courses that you can take. Listed to the right is what you can expect to learn from taking this spearfishing program.

  • Video tutorials teaching you ethics, regulations, safety, proper gear, diving conditions, identifying fish species, spearfishing techniques, cleaning your catch, easy recipes to make, and more!

  • You will be tested after each course section to make sure you understand the concepts of each section. There will also be opportunities to discuss certain sections of the course that you may be struggling with.

  • How to properly dive with a "3-prong" or pole-spear, as well as advanced tips that have not been covered on the YouTube channel.

  • Stay connected with a network of divers who are the same level as you, as well as assistance from more advanced spearos. Plan dives, ask questions, or just talk about diving in general!

Bonus Content

These added bonuses are included to help you get the best value out of this course.

  • Tako Diving Tutorials

    Learn how to catch the elusive, and highly sought after octopus or "tako" with bonus tutorials. These amazing creatures can be very difficult to catch and secure; which we'll show exactly how to do it. Also included is an easy recipe to cook your catch. ($49 value)*FREE

  • Lifetime Access To The Private Facebook Group w/ Live Office Hours

    Access to our private Facebook group where all the members are at the same level as you. Use this community to ask questions, plan diving trips, or just to hang out and chat. There will also be live office hours for any questions regarding the course content. *FREE

  • Advanced Polespear Techniques + Sneak Peek

    A bonus tutorial going over advanced polespear techniques that have not yet been covered on the YouTube channel, as well as extra lessons that will preview our advanced course.($99 value)*FREE

Hawaii's Only Online Spearfishing Course

Created to help beginners get started in their spearfishing journey.

*Pictured to the right is an invasive species known as a toau(blacktail snapper). These fish are very commonly seen throughout Hawaii, and are also great fish to target as a beginner! On top of that these fish taste great fried! Learn how to do both in our course!


If there are questions not answered below feel free to email us at or DM us on Instagram @teamfishanddive

  • What if I don't live on Oahu or in Hawaii?

    This course will definitely be more beneficial if you live on Oahu but all of the content will absolutely pertain to Hawaii spearfishing. The only thing you possibly be missing out on is group meet-ups, but this can be done through online sessions via Google Hangouts/Zoom if you need more help.

  • What if I already started spearfishing and own a speargun?

    Although this course is strictly for 3-prong/polespear use, if you've struggled with knowing fish species, diving techniques, or common issues that beginners face then this course may be for you. Feel free to DM us on instagram @teamfishanddive and we'll be more than happy to help answer any questions.

  • If I am not satisfied with the course, can I get a refund?

    Definitely! There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all courses. You will receive a full refund of the course price, the only downside is that you will lose the added benefits that were included in the course price(private facebook group, bonus content, promotions, etc.)

  • Does this course include in-person spearfishing lessons?

    Unless communicated otherwise, this course does NOT include in-person spearfishing lessons. There will be opportunities to do in-person workshops to go over gear and other questions: and possibly planning dives with instructor or others in the group but that is NOT included in the course. You WILL be assuming risk regarding your own safety if you choose to dive with group members.

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